Drive Train Service in Farmington Hills at Gary's Auto-Tech Service Center

February 24, 2016

The drive train in your vehicle includes all the essential components that transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. Those components differ depending on what type of vehicle you drive, namely, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The... More

Custom Wheels and Tires For Your Farmington Hills Ride

February 16, 2016

It seems like everywhere you go in the Farmington Hills area you see custom wheels. Big trucks, little cars, mini-vans - it doesn't matter, motorists are expressing themselves with custom wheels. Some Michigan car owners want smaller tires and wheels - some want larger - and some wan... More

Breathe Deep With Your Cabin Air Filter

February 10, 2016

Bad air quality while you're driving around Farmington Hills is nothing to sneeze at. But seriously, more and more vehicles these days come equipped with a cabin air filter. Since they're fairly new on the scene, a lot of folks don't know about them yet. These filters clean the air i... More

Suspension Service In Farmington Hills At Gary's Auto-Tech Service Center

February 5, 2016

When they hear the word 'suspension,' Farmington Hills auto owners may think back to those energetic days of grade school. Well, your cars suspension is actually a good thing because it keeps your car up off the road and helps provide a comfy ride around Farmington Hills. Its job i... More

PCV Valve Replacement

February 4, 2016

Hello Farmington Hills motorists, let's talk about your often-unnoticed but extremely important PCV valve. The energy from exploding fuel is what powers your engine. But some of the vapors from the explosions escape into the lower part of the engine, called the crankcase. The crankca... More

The Gary's Auto-Tech Service Center Guide to Proper Fluids for Your Vehicle

February 3, 2016

The automotive professionals at Gary's Auto-Tech Service Center would like to give Farmington Hills auto owners an update on some of the things happening in automotive fluids. You know, cars are becoming more sophisticated everyday - and fluids such as, oil, coolant and transmission ... More

Braking News: Keep Your Stopping Power

February 2, 2016

Richard Petty once told AutoNetTV, Youve gotta have good brakes. If youve got good brakes you can keep yourself out of a lotta trouble. Thats why a regular brake inspection is on every Farmington Hills driver's maintenance schedule. An inspection at Gary's Auto-Tech Service Center w... More

Exhaust Service At Gary's Auto-Tech Service Center In Farmington Hills

February 1, 2016

Whenever they hear the term "exhaust service," most Farmington Hills car owners think about exhaust pipes and mufflers. Well, actually, exhaust service at Gary's Auto-Tech Service Center is a lot more comprehensive these days. For example, catalytic converters were mandated in 1976 a... More