Hitting The Brakes In Farmington Hills

May 27, 2018

Hello Farmington Hills, let's talk about brakes. But the mechanical aspects of the brakes themselves are just one issue. There's also the power brake pump and brake fluid. And then there are the tires, which are critical to the effectiveness of the brakes.Let's step back. A new vehicle or truc... More

Tire Maintenance in Farmington Hills

May 22, 2018

With the recent focus in the Farmington Hills area on improving fuel economy, we've been told how important it is to maintain our tire pressure.Farmington Hills drivers know that tires wear out, but we want to make them last as long as possible because they're not cheap to replace. In addition t... More

Get Where You're Going with Power Steering Service in Farmington Hills

May 13, 2018

Today we're going to talk about power steering service in Farmington Hills. If you took an informal poll around Farmington Hills you'd probably find that most vehicle owners have never heard of power steering service. That's not surprising. Even though power steering is standard on every vehicle,... More

Positive Crankcase Ventilation ? PCV Valve Service at Gary?s Auto Tech

May 7, 2018

Hello Farmington Hills! Did you know that the first federally-mandated emissions control device was introduced in the 1960's? The Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve, or PCV valve, has been installed in MI vehicles since 1964 and represents the first legislation by the United States government t... More

Battery Replacement for Your vehicle

May 1, 2018

Modern vehicles in and around Farmington Hills run on 12 volt electrical systems. 12 volts is enough to get the job done for Farmington Hills drivers without having so much power that there is danger of electrocution. But today's vehicles have more electrical components and do-dads than ever bef... More